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During the Battle of the Bulge , however, the fuses became known as the American artillery's "Christmas present" for the German army because of their effectiveness against German personnel in the open, when they frequently dispersed attacks. By the end of the war, 17 pounders had proven much more effective against German tanks, and 32 pounders had entered development.

For example, the Panzer III was originally designed with a 37 mm gun, but was mass-produced with a 50 mm cannon.

Despite being designed to fire at trajectories with a steep angle of descent, howitzers can be fired directly , as was done by the 11th Marine Regiment at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir , during the Korean War. Two field batteries fired directly upon a battalion of Chinese infantry; the Marines were forced to brace themselves against their howitzers, as they had no time to dig them in. The Chinese infantry took heavy casualties, and were forced to retreat.

The tendency to create larger calibre cannons during the World Wars has reversed since. The United States Army , for example, sought a lighter, more versatile howitzer, to replace their ageing pieces. As it could be towed, the M was selected to be the successor to the World War II—era cannons used at the time, and entered service in Although land-based artillery such as the M are powerful, long-ranged, and accurate, naval guns have not been neglected, despite being much smaller than in the past, and, in some cases, having been replaced by cruise missiles.

The warhead, which weighs 24 pounds 11 kg , has a circular error of probability of 50 m ft , and will be mounted on a rocket, to increase the effective range to nmi km , further than that of the Paris Gun. The AGS's barrels will be water cooled, and will fire 10 rounds per minute, per gun. The combined firepower from both turrets will give a Zumwalt -class destroyer the firepower equivalent to 18 conventional M howitzers.

Autocannons have an automatic firing mode, similar to that of a machine gun. They have mechanisms to automatically load their ammunition, and therefore have a higher rate of fire than artillery, often approaching, or, in the case of rotary autocannons , even surpassing the firing rate of a machine gun.

Machine guns in contrast are usually too small to use explosive ammunition. Most nations use rapid-fire cannon on light vehicles, replacing a more powerful, but heavier, tank gun. Autocannons may be capable of a very high rate of fire, but ammunition is heavy and bulky, limiting the amount carried. The typical rate of fire for a modern autocannon ranges from 90 to 1, rounds per minute.

Systems with multiple barrels, such as a rotary autocannon, can have rates of fire of more than several thousand rounds per minute. The fastest of these is the GSh , which has a rate of fire of over 10, rounds per minute. Autocannons are often found in aircraft, where they replaced machine guns and as shipboard anti-aircraft weapons, as they provide greater destructive power than machine guns.

The first documented installation of a cannon on an aircraft was on the Voisin Canon in , displayed at the Paris Exposition that year. By World War I, all of the major powers were experimenting with aircraft mounted cannons; however their low rate of fire and great size and weight precluded any of them from being anything other than experimental. The pilot by necessity an ace had to manually reload each round.

The first autocannon were developed during World War I as anti-aircraft guns, and one of these, the Coventry Ordnance Works " COW 37 mm gun ", was installed in an aircraft. However, the war ended before it could be given a field trial, and it never became standard equipment in a production aircraft. Later trials had it fixed at a steep angle upwards in both the Vickers Type and the Westland C. Gun Fighter , an idea that would return later.

During this period autocannons became available and several fighters of the German Luftwaffe and the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service were fitted with 20mm cannons. They continued to be installed as an adjunct to machine guns rather than as a replacement, as the rate of fire was still too low and the complete installation too heavy.

There was a some debate in the RAF as to whether the greater number of possible rounds being fired from a machine gun, or a smaller number of explosive rounds from a cannon was preferable. Improvements during the war in regards to rate of fire allowed the cannon to displace the machine gun almost entirely. The Hispano-Suiza HS. Cannons, as with machine guns, were generally fixed to fire forwards mounted in the wings, in the nose or fuselage, or in a pannier under either ; or were mounted in gun turrets on heavier aircraft.

Preceding the Vietnam War the high speeds aircraft were attaining led to a move to remove the cannon due to the mistaken belief that they would be useless in a dogfight , but combat experience during the Vietnam War showed conclusively that despite advances in missiles, there was still a need for them.

Nearly all modern fighter aircraft are armed with an autocannon and they are also commonly found on ground-attack aircraft. Westland C. Gun Fighter with 37mm C. Supermarine Spitfire with 20 mm cannon protruding from the leading edge of the wing. Cannons in general have the form of a truncated cone with an internal cylindrical bore for holding an explosive charge and a projectile.

The thickest, strongest, and closed part of the cone is located near the explosive charge. As any explosive charge will dissipate in all directions equally, the thickest portion of the cannon is useful for containing and directing this force. The backward motion of the cannon as its projectile leaves the bore is termed its recoil , and the effectiveness of the cannon can be measured in terms of how much this response can be diminished, though obviously diminishing recoil through increasing the overall mass of the cannon means decreased mobility.

Field artillery cannon in Europe and the Americas were initially made most often of bronze , though later forms were constructed of cast iron and eventually steel. However, cast-iron cannon have a tendency to burst without having shown any previous weakness or wear, and this makes them more dangerous to operate.

The older and more-stable forms of cannon were muzzle-loading as opposed to breech-loading —to be used they had to have their ordnance packed down the bore through the muzzle rather than inserted through the breech.

The following terms refer to the components or aspects of a classical western cannon c. The main body of a cannon consists of three basic extensions: the foremost and the longest is called the chase , the middle portion is the reinforce , and the closest and briefest portion is the cascabel or cascable.

To pack a muzzle-loading cannon, first gunpowder is poured down the bore. This is followed by a layer of wadding often nothing more than paper , and then the cannonball itself. A certain amount of windage allows the ball to fit down the bore, though the greater the windage the less efficient the propulsion of the ball when the gunpowder is ignited.

To fire the cannon, the fuse located in the vent is lit, quickly burning down to the gunpowder, which then explodes violently, propelling wadding and ball down the bore and out of the muzzle. A small portion of exploding gas also escapes through the vent, but this does not dramatically affect the total force exerted on the ball. Any large, smoothbore , muzzle-loading gun—used before the advent of breech-loading , rifled guns—may be referred to as a cannon, though once standardised names were assigned to different-sized cannon, the term specifically referred to a gun designed to fire a pound 19 kg shot, as distinct from a demi-cannon — 32 pounds 15 kg , culverin — 18 pounds 8.

Gun specifically refers to a type of cannon that fires projectiles at high speeds, and usually at relatively low angles; [] they have been used in warships, [] and as field artillery. Cannon have been used extensively in fighter aircraft since World War II. In the s, cannon operation worked as follows: each cannon would be manned by two gunners, six soldiers, and four officers of artillery. The right gunner was to prime the piece and load it with powder, and the left gunner would fetch the powder from the magazine and be ready to fire the cannon at the officer's command.

On each side of the cannon, three soldiers stood, to ram and sponge the cannon, and hold the ladle. The second soldier on the left was tasked with providing 50 bullets. Before loading, the cannon would be cleaned with a wet sponge to extinguish any smouldering material from the last shot. Fresh powder could be set off prematurely by lingering ignition sources.

The powder was added, followed by wadding of paper or hay, and the ball was placed in and rammed down. After ramming, the cannon would be aimed with the elevation set using a quadrant and a plummet. At 45 degrees, the ball had the utmost range: about ten times the gun's level range. Any angle above a horizontal line was called random-shot. Wet sponges were used to cool the pieces every ten or twelve rounds. During the Napoleonic Wars , a British gun team consisted of five gunners to aim it, clean the bore with a damp sponge to quench any remaining embers before a fresh charge was introduced, and another to load the gun with a bag of powder and then the projectile.

The fourth gunner pressed his thumb on the vent hole, to prevent a draught that might fan a flame. The charge loaded, the fourth would prick the bagged charge through the vent hole, and fill the vent with powder. On command, the fifth gunner would fire the piece with a slow match. When a cannon had to be abandoned such as in a retreat or surrender, the touch hole of the cannon would be plugged flush with an iron spike, disabling the cannon at least until metal boring tools could be used to remove the plug.

This was called "spiking the cannon". A gun was said to be honeycombed when the surface of the bore had cavities, or holes in it, [] caused either by corrosion or casting defects. Historically, logs or poles have been used as decoys to mislead the enemy as to the strength of an emplacement. The " Quaker Gun trick" was used by Colonel William Washington 's Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War ; in , approximately Loyalists surrendered to them, rather than face bombardment.

The decoy cannon were painted black at the "muzzle", and positioned behind fortifications to delay Union attacks on those positions. On occasion, real gun carriages were used to complete the deception. Cannon sounds have sometimes been used in classical pieces with a military theme. One of the best known examples of such a piece is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 's Overture. Cannon recovered from the sea are often extensively damaged from exposure to salt water; because of this, electrolytic reduction treatment is required to forestall the process of corrosion.

A coat of polyurethane may also be painted over the wax sealant, to prevent the wax-coated cannon from attracting dust in outdoor displays. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heavy guns or artillery. For other uses, see Cannon disambiguation. Not to be confused with Canon. Main article: History of cannon. Further information on the historical use of gunpowder in general: History of gunpowder and Timeline of the Gunpowder Age.

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