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Shaun D - Baddie (Bad Ass Bitch): ouvir música com letra | Deezer

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Perfect Patio - hot tubs. Her Majesty Builds. Instagram Baddie Estate. Recent Posts See All. Industrial Glam Apartment. This site was designed with the. When it comes to flaunting what your mama gave you, Instagram has definitely been the chosen platform for numerous baddies.

Man or woman, I am sure we have all been caught stalking a hottie, or two, or ten. I follow them not to drown myself in self-hate and misery, but to motivate the sexy beast in me to come out and play. With over million active users, using one of the best android applications - according to Time magazine - sure is a smart way to go.

Instagram's global audience reach has paved the way for numerous social media influencers to achieve their highest potentials. The internet has really been a huge game changer in the world of business and freelance hustlers. Traditional media, sad to say, is slowly fading into the background, and the World Wide Web into the forefront. Enough with the introductions though, I know you are all here to see 15 of the hottest Instagram baddies - and trust me this list will not disappoint.

Now scroll down and get ready for some sizzling photos! Who is that lady looking hotter than the sun? Like many of the women on this list, her rise to fame started off on the internet - specifically Myspace do you guys remember Myspace? What a blast from the past. She then started posting sexy selfies on Instagram once it became a thing. Her followers of course grew and spread like wildfire, which is actually how her career as a model took off.

Feel like you have seen her somewhere other than Instagram? Aside from her killer looks and bod, formerly dating rapper Tyga is also one of the reason's this black-haired beauty became such a social media sensation. Onto my personal favorite, Katya Henry. Probably one of the hottest women you will ever see in your life, this fitness babe and model from Miami has made quite the name for her and that booty - not just in the fitness world, but on social media as well.

Her slammin' body does not come easily; Katya always stays on top of her diet and workout game, and man oh man does it pay off. I have no doubt singer and Katya's boyfriend Austin Mahone is thankful for his little piece of heaven everyday - I know I would be. The fitness guru has been such a huge motivation for women everywhere - I being one of said women. She continues to inspire her fans by letting them know that dedication and consistency goes a very, very, very long way!

Anna Nystrom is a year-old fitness model who has quickly caught our lurking eyes for an obvious reason. The Swedish babe who resides in Stockholm has taken interest in fitness and fashion blogging and has become quite successful. With over 3. You are welcome. Say hello to another Miami-based hottie! Yovanna Venturarumored former girlfriend to Justin Bieber he sure knows how to pick the ladiesis another model and Instagram sensation who well deserves to be included on this hot-list.

Her exotic beauty and body to die for and of course being headlined as dating Bieber has helped her gain a huge fan-base for herself. The young model may not have major modeling contracts, but just looking at her, we can all bet to see a lot from this beauty in the near future.

More than just a pretty face, Jourdan Dunn is a model and an ambassador for sickle-cell disease. You are probably wondering "Why sickle-cell disease? Being pregnant by 19, motherhood did not slow down this gorgeous Brit, instead, she used that as a drive to now being one of the world's best paid models. Coming from a little island, Joan always knew she could rise above and make it into the fashion industry.

It is her self-belief and goals that made her one of the highest-paid supermodels today. Of course, looking the way she does contributed a whole lot to her success; but do not overlook her drive and the amount of hard-work she has put into being the fuego Puerto Rican she is.

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It didn't work, but they get an A for effort! Evil Wyatt only existed in an alternate future where Gideon made him evil. So once he was neutralized as a real threat after they solved the Gideon problem, everything was fine. However, seeing Leo Brian Krause and Piper's Holly Marie Combs baby boy grow up to be a ruthless totalitarian warlock was pretty jarring -- even in a different world.

OK, so Zankou was a pain in the ass sure, and the girls had a tough time figuring out exactly how to get rid of him. But in the end they were able to use the Nexus to knock him out for good. The sisters felt like this was a good stopping place for them as witches and used the big scene his death made to fake their own deaths.

It didn't stick though, and they were back in the game come Season 8. We have to hand it to Barbas, who managed to come back over and over throughout the series, as the girls defeated the Demon of Fear what seems like times. He was funny, smart and had them on the ropes more than once. What can we say? He was fun. We don't know how many times "Charmed" has said it, but Belthazor and Cole are for sure not the same person.

One is the human half, one is the demon half. And as pictured the demonic side is totally pissed that Cole loves Phoebe and is happy to try and strangle her to death on more than one occasion Cole may have been pretty bad at times, but Belthazor spent a season and change trying to kill the Power of Three -- and Cole's one true love. He tried to kill baby Wyatt. A baby. Look, the dude had his reasons: Wyatt was possibly going to grow up to be the most evil, evil there ever was.

However, we learned that Future Wyatt actually only turned bad because Gideon spent so long trying to figure out how to kill him as an infant.

So, thanks for that, Gideon. Agent Kyle Brody Kerr Smith spent the better part of Season 7 trying to prove these guys were bad, bad, bad news and responsible for the deaths of his parents. Once he found out that wasn't true, he was still not here for them remaking the world into Utopia -- a place without good and evil. He wasn't able to convince the Charmed Ones that this would get rid of free will in time, and they did help the Avatars go through with their plan -- but they regretted it later and turned the clock back.

It's hard to say if they were truly "bad" in the end, but they definitely rank toward the top in terms of a "big" threat. This upper level demon was responsible for not only orchestrating the series of events that led to Cole becoming the Source, but also those that allowed for him and Phoebe to conceive a demonic heir and for Phoebe to lose that child and be forced to vanquish her husband.

If that's not pure evil, we don't know what is. Poor, poor Cole. Well, poor Cole, depending on what side of the fanbase you are on. Cole was a huge threat when he was possessed by the Source, which, to be fair, wasn't his fault.

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Based on the histories of al-Tabari d. In the next year a raid led by Busr reached Constantinople and in or , Abd al-Rahman ibn Khalid raided Koloneia in northeastern Anatolia. According to the Muslim traditional sources, the raids peaked between and Instead, he asserts that Mu'awiya likely ordered the invasion during an opportunity presented by the rebellion of the Byzantine Armenian general Saborios , who formed a pact with the caliph, in spring The caliph dispatched an army under Fadala ibn Ubayd, but before it could be joined by the Armenians, Saborios died.

Mu'awiya then sent reinforcements led by Yazid who led the Arab army's invasion in the summer. The Arabs continued their campaigns in Constantinople's vicinity before withdrawing to Syria most likely in late Following the death of Constans II in July , Mu'awiya oversaw an increasingly aggressive policy of naval warfare against the Byzantines, and continued his past efforts to resettle and fortify the Syrian port cities.

In , the wide-scale fortification of Alexandria was completed. While the histories of al-Tabari and al-Baladhuri report that Mu'awiya's forces captured Rhodes in — and colonized the island for seven years before withdrawing during the reign of Yazid I, the modern historian Clifford Edmund Bosworth casts doubt on these events and holds that the island was only raided by Mu'awiya's lieutenant Junada ibn Abi Umayya al-Azdi in or Although the Arabs had not advanced beyond Cyrenaica since the s other than periodic raids, the expeditions against Byzantine North Africa were renewed during Mu'awiya's reign.

The following year Mu'awiya dispatched Fadala and Ruwayfi ibn Thabit to raid the commercially valuable island of Djerba. It also aided Muslim conversion efforts among the Berber tribes that dominated the surrounding countryside. Mu'awiya dismissed Uqba in , likely out of concern that he would form an independent power base in the lucrative regions that he conquered. The new Arab province, Ifriqiya modern-day Tunisia , remained subordinate to the governor of Egypt, who sent his mawla non-Arab, Muslim freedman Abu al-Muhajir Dinar to replace Uqba, who was arrested and transferred to Mu'awiya's custody in Damascus.

Abu al-Muhajir continued the westward campaigns as far as Tlemcen and defeated the Awraba Berber chief Kasila , who subsequently embraced Islam and joined his forces. In a move unprecedented in Islamic politics, Mu'awiya nominated his own son, Yazid, as his successor. It was not until the latter half of his reign that Mu'awiya publicly declared Yazid heir apparent, though the traditional Muslim sources offer divergent details about the timing and location of the events relating to the decision.

The delegates lent their support, with the exception of the senior Basran nobleman al-Ahnaf ibn Qays , who was ultimately bribed into compliance. According to Hinds, in addition to Yazid's nobility, age and sound judgement, "most important of all was the fact that he represented a continuation of the link with Kalb and so a continuation of the Kalb-led [tribal] confederacy on which Sufyanid power ultimately rested".

As the Qaysites were the predominant element in the northern frontier armies, Mu'awiya's appointment of Yazid to lead the war efforts with Byzantium may have served to foster Qaysite support for his nomination. Mu'awiya's grave was a visitation site as late as the 10th century. Al-Mas'udi holds that a mausoleum was built over the grave and was open to visitors on Mondays and Thursdays.

Like Uthman, Mu'awiya adopted the title khalifat Allah deputy of God , instead of khalifat rasul Allah deputy of the messenger of God , the title used by the other caliphs who preceded him.

Instead, he governed indirectly like a supra-tribal chief utilizing alliances with provincial ashraf , his personal skills, persuasive power, and wit. In the view of the historian Patricia Crone , the success of Mu'awiya's model was facilitated by the tribal composition of Syria. There, the Arabs who formed his support base were distributed throughout the countryside and were dominated by a single confederation, the Quda'a. This was in contrast to Iraq and Egypt, where the diverse tribal composition of the garrison towns meant that the government had no cohesive support base and had to create a delicate balance between the opposing tribal groups.

As evidenced by the disintegration of Ali's Iraqi alliance, maintaining this balance was untenable. In her view, Mu'awiya's taking advantage of the tribal circumstances in Syria prevented the dissolution of the Caliphate in the civil war.

His system was precarious and not viable in the long term, according to Hinds. The system was thus a "system of indulgence" in the words of Crone. The governors became increasingly unaccountable and amassed personal wealth. The tribal balance on which he relied was insecure and a slight fluctuation would lead to factionalism and infighting. Controversial as his nomination had been, he had to face the rebellion of Husayn ibn Ali and Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr. Although he was able to defeat them with the help of his governors and the Syrian army, the system fractured as soon as he died in November The provincial ashraf defected to Ibn al-Zubayr as did the Qaysite tribes, who had migrated to Syria during Mu'awiya's reign and were opposed to the Quda'a confederation on whom the Sufyanid power rested.

In a matter of months the authority of Yazid's successor Mu'awiya II was restricted to Damascus and its environs. Although the Umayyads, backed by the Quda'a, were able to reconquer the Caliphate after the decade-long civil war , it was under the leadership of Marwan, founder of the new the ruling Umayyad house, the Marwanids, and his son Abd al-Malik.

The historian Hugh N. Kennedy views the preservation of the Caliphate's unity as Mu'awiya's greatest achievement.

Stephen Humphreys states that although maintaining the integrity of the Caliphate would have been an achievement on its own, Mu'awiya was intent on vigorously continuing the conquests that had been initiated by Abu Bakr and Umar. By creating a formidable navy, he made the Caliphate the dominant force in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean.

Control of northeastern Iran was secured and the Caliphate's frontier was expanded in North Africa. Mu'awiya was the first caliph whose name appeared on coins, inscriptions, or documents of the nascent Islamic empire. This has led some modern historians to question Mu'awiya's commitment to Islam.

They have proposed that he adhered to a non-confessional or indeterminate form of monotheism, or may have been a Christian. Asserting that the earliest Muslims did not see their faith as different from other monotheistic faiths, these historians see the earlier Medina-based caliphs in the same vein, but no public proclamations from their period exist.

On the other hand, the historian Robert Hoyland notes that Mu'awiya gave a very Islamic challenge to the Byzantine emperor Constans to "deny [the divinity of] Jesus and turn to the Great God who I worship, the God of our father Abraham" and speculates that Mu'awiya's tour of Christian sites in Jerusalem was done to demonstrate "the fact that he, and not the Byzantine emperor, was now God's representative on earth". The surviving Muslim histories originated in Abbasid-era Iraq. Abbasid caliphs like al-Saffah , al-Ma'mun , and al-Mu'tadid publicly condemned Mu'awiya and other Umayyad caliphs.

On the one hand, it portrays him as a successful ruler who implemented his will with persuasion instead of force. In one such anecdote, when inquired about allowing one of his courtiers to address him with arrogance, he remarked: []. I do not insert myself between the people and their tongue, so long as they do not insert themselves between us and our sovereignty. The tradition presents him operating in the way of a traditional tribal shaykh who lacks absolute authority; summoning delegations wufud of tribal chiefs, and persuading them with flattery, arguments, and presents.

This is exemplified in a saying attributed to him: "I never use my voice if I can use my money, never my whip if I can use my voice, never my sword if I can use my whip; but, if I have to use my sword, I will. On the other hand, the tradition also portrays him as a despot who perverted the caliphate into kingship.

In the words of the medieval historian Ya'qubi d. He had somebody walk in front of him with a spear, took alms out of the stipends and sat on a throne with the people below him He used forced labour for his building projects He was the first to turn this matter [the caliphate] into mere kingship. Baladhuri calls him the Khosrow of the Arabs kisra l-'arab. The contemporary non-Muslim sources generally present a benign image of Mu'awiya.

A Syriac writer notes that he did not wear a crown like the traditional kings. In contrast to the four earlier caliphs, who are considered as models of piety and having governed with justice, Mu'awiya is not recognized as a rightly-guided caliph khalifa al-rashid by the Sunnis. His acquisition of the caliphate through the civil war and his institution of the hereditary succession by appointing his son Yazid as heir apparent are the principal charges made against him.

Uthman and Ali were thus regarded along with the first two caliphs as divinely guided, whereas Mu'awiya and the later Umayyad caliphs came to be viewed as oppressive tyrants. On these accounts, he is also respected. Mu'awiya's war with Ali, whom the Shia believe as the true successor of Muhammad , has made him a reviled figure in Shia Islam. According to the Shia, based on this alone Mu'awiya qualifies as an unbeliever, if he was a believer to begin with. Some traditions hold him to have been born of an illegitimate relationship between Abu Sufyan's wife Hind and Muhammad's uncle Abbas.

On this basis he is given the title of taliq freed slave of Muhammad. A number of hadiths are ascribed to Muhammad condemning Mu'awiya and his father Abu Sufyan in which he is called "an accursed man la'in son of an accursed man" and prophesying that he will die as an unbeliever. Unlike the Sunnis, the Shia deny him the status of a companion [] and also refute the Sunni claims that he was a scribe of the Qur'anic revelation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Founder and 1st Caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate r. For other persons named Mu'awiya, see Muawiya name.

Lead seal of Mu'awiya declaring the dismissal of his governor in Basra , Abdallah ibn Amir , likely dating to c. Bab al-Saghir , Damascus. Yazid Abd Allah Ramla daughter. See also: First Fitna. See also: Battle of Siffin. He also made land grants to his relatives and other prominent Qurayshites. This is contrasted by a number of early non-Muslim sources, including Theophanes, according to whom the Syrians were victorious, an assertion supported by Umayyad court poetry.

The midth-century Arabic chronicler al-Mutahhar ibn Tahir al-Maqdisi explicitly states that Mu'awiya built a mosque on the site. De Goeje further doubts the credibility of the reports as they originated in Medina , the home of his Banu Makhzum clan, rather than Homs where Abd al-Rahman ibn Khalid had died.

Umayyad Dynasty. Umayyad dynasty. Family tree Media. Authority control. France data Netherlands Sweden. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Almost everyone I spoke to said they have used JSwipe because they are specifically not just looking for a booty call. But his first forays into film were forgettable comedies like Booty Call. Get ready to bid farewell to the spitfire Bobby Bottleservice and big booty player Ref Jeff. Palmer also created a related booty -eating playlist, for your listening pleasure.

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Dec 22, - Explore Baby Girl's board "Thicc baddies" on Pinterest. Best Baddie Outfits Part 16 Thick Body, Slim Thick, Fitness Motivation, Booty.big booty baddies Big Booty Baddie. @bodashuss. Last seen Mar 8. Thick & Educated All the content i dont have the courage to post anywhere else (sorry mom). Big booty is were all the big booty baddies camp. Come throw it back by the fire pit or chill around Vale's estate in the back. Big booty models Onlyfans here. Join Channel. You are invited to the group Thick Baddies Mega. Click above to join.

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Dec 22, - Explore Baby Girl's board "Thicc baddies" on Pinterest. Booty Goals, Fit Girl Motivation, Sexy Ebony. More information. Booty Goals.