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Jane Bailey is a Full Professor in the Common Law Section (English), who teaches cyberfeminism, technoprudence, contracts and civil procedure. People named Bailey Jane. Find your friends on Facebook. Log in or sign up for Facebook to connect with friends, family and people you know.

bailey jane. Bailey Jane Pictures. All; Birthday; Business; Family; Maternity; Newborn; Wedding; General. Login. A sneak peek. Genevieve, Chris & Naledi.

Nov 6, - When sweet little seventeen year old Bailey Jane Thomas doesn't come back for dinner; her mother immediately knows something is off. hi guys, i'm bailey!! i'm 22 years old and i recently graduated from auburn university & moved to ATL. i make lifestyle, beauty, & fashion videos/vlogs.

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View the Record. Jane Old Collection:. FamilySearch Family Tree. Mary Jane Kivell. John Old. Male Unknown. Henry Bailey. Walter Bailey. Hannah William's Bailey. William Henry Bailey. Alfred William Bailey. James Bailey. Baby Bailey. Jane Old. Richard Old. About Jane Bailey. Birth of Jane Bailey. Birth of John Old. Birth of Mary Jane Kivell. Birth of Walter Bailey. Birth of Hannah William's Bailey.

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Jane Bailey Old. Tales of heroes and clever girls, treasure and monsters capture our imagination. Meanwhile, music reminds us to be creative. When we remember to play, we know that we can constantly create new realities. The universe is composed of a symphony of energies: life is a dance to that cosmic sound. Visit my Author Page and follow me on Twitter janebaileybain. Join the StoryWorks Mailing List for future updates.

If you like this post, use the buttons below to Like and Share on Facebook and Twitter. Or worst of all, we claim not to do anything at all! How you present yourself has a huge impact on how others see you. So when you meet people, present yourself well: it helps them see you clearly. Recently I was introduced to Steve at a networking event. I look for anomalies in the figures.

We buy tents and send them over but sometimes they go missing before they reach the camps. That means someone stole them and I work out who. Answering with a job title and company is our cultural norm; anything else could make you feel exposed and vulnerable.

But the way you present yourself has a huge impact on how others perceive you. That tells them about your passions and what makes life worth living? Which makes you feel better about yourself? So next time, answer with a story that tells people about yourself. Which lets them connect with you as a human being. If you like this post, use the buttons below to Share on Facebook, Twitter or Stumbleupon. Leaders and participants are all invited to contribute. The record may include words, images, links and video clips.

You join a remote tribe in Borneo, or a street gang in East Harlem, and become part of the group. Eating lizards? Initiation rites? If you want to catch big fish, you must be prepared to swim with sharks. Before the event, the organizers plan a formal timetable. During the sessions, participants have experiences which may or may not reflect the official schedule. Afterwards, attendees want to remember what actually happened. It lets everyone contribute to the final record.

Which makes the report feel more relevant for all concerned. Social reporting is a participative and inclusive approach. It encompasses a role, a set of skills and a philosophy. The skills involve collection, collation and curation. The role is that of anthropologist, looking simultaneously outside in and inside out, to truly represent the gathering. Why does social reporting work? Because it goes with human nature. People are most interested in their own stories. If your college has a year book, whose page do you turn to first?

When a report drops onto your desk, do you read it all eagerly? Or do you flip through the bit that affects you, then file it away? It recreates the content, mood and ethos of the gathering in an accessible and memorable way. Tell me your story. Where in the world were you born? What name did your parents give you? Do you have brothers and sisters? Where did you go to school?

In other words, Who are you?? There are seven billion people on this planet, but your story is unique. Everything about you — your loves and your hates, your gifts and your challenges, your disappointments and your successes — is part of your personal narrative. All your experiences have made you who you are today. They are a line of footprints leading to exactly where you are now. Life is a tapestry woven from many threads. Everyone you meet is a part of this pattern.

Each of them has their own story that made them who they are today: the schoolboy on the 33 bus, the woman in the corner shop, the funny guy at the party, the old man on the park bench: they all have their own private hopes and dreams, their fears and regrets, their longings and secret sadnessses. When you see them in the street, wonder about the series of events which brought them to cross your path.

Think about who they really are, behind that public mask. Ask yourself what lessons you could learn from them. When you tell me your story, you are telling me about yourself.

You decide what is important: the people, places and events that are significant in your life. Naturally, you edit the narrative to suit your image. You tell stories to make sense of your life, linking one thing to another in a causal sequence of events.

Be careful, because stories can create reality. Moan about how hard things have been, and those obstacles will cast ongoing shadows in your path. Stories can literally change the world. They provide models and metaphors which shape your perceptions.

Hearing a well-told tale may transform your life. Leaders, teachers, lawyers and politicians all understand the power of story. Your friends and family and colleagues each have their own story. Ask them about it: you might be surprised how little you know. If you find things in common, you feel closer to that other person. If their experiences are very different, you can empathize with them.

Stories can teach you about how the world works, about how people think and feel, about what to expect from life. When friends share stories, you help each other to learn and grow. So start asking people questions. Be genuinely interested in their answers. When you talk to someone, give them your full attention. So often, people get stuck on superficialities: What do you do? Where do you live? Everyone has something to share which could enrich your life.

Try some more significant questions. When do you feel really happy? Why did you come to this place? Who are the most important people in your life?

If you like this post, leave a comment and use the buttons below to Share on Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon. Are you a clever girl or a wise woman? A hero or a trickster? And this persona tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your self-image affects how you feel. Your feelings influence the way you act.

And your actions ensure that you get the experiences you expect. In other words, your character affects what happens in your life story. You choose your part and find people to play with you. At the same time, your image determines what role you play in their story. You relate to people whose life scripts fit with yours.

All our stories draw on a common set of characters. The same figures recur in tales from different times and places: the princess, the good mother, the wise man and so on. We recognize such roles easily when we encounter them. Archetypes are outline forms which appear in the human psyche.

They consist of clusters of stereotypical attributes. We fill in their features on the basis of personal experience. You fear the witch because of folktales you once heard. These figures are familiar and reassuringly predictable. They help us to make sense of the world. When you interact with other people, you are usually playing one of these archetypal roles. You pick a part and act it out with your own personal interpretation.

This character is your public image. It determines how other people see you, and how you see yourself. You have relationships with people who will act complementary roles.

The hero needs a princess to rescue; the good mother wants a hungry urchin to feed. The character you choose is influenced by the people around you. Social and economic factors limit the parts you can play: Beauty may be financially dependent on her Beast.

But ultimately the only limiting factor is your imagination. When you change, so do your relationships with other people. Beauty can get a job and take control of her own life. We accept the hand that fate has dealt us, without ever trying to change our cards. We fall into friendships out of convenience rather than choice. Actually you have more control over your story than you think. You can broadly choose what happens in your life. Will you go to college or get a job? Do you want to stay single or get married?

You may have to modify the details but you decide what you want to do. What matters is to become aware of this process. The greatest story ever told is happening right now, all around you.

Your life script interlocks with the stories of everyone you know. You choose the part you want to play, and you decide what to do. Once you are aware of this, you can start to take control of your life. Your story so far tells who you were : what happens next is up to you!

This post is based on an article in Watkins Magazine Issue 33 Spring Labyrinths are often seen as a metaphor for confusion. Theseus chases the Minotaur through a labyrinth; Jung talks of the labyrinth of the unconscious mind. Actually these are examples of mazes, not labyrinths. A maze is a web of tracks designed to confuse and disorient: false turns and dead ends conspire to get you hopelessly lost. In a labyrinth, your path may twist and turn, but there is only one route.

If you follow the way, you will inevitably come to the centre. Labyrinths have been marked and walked since ancient times.

They feature in spiritual traditions from around the world as a method of obtaining enlightenment. Usually they are in the form of two-dimensional patterns marked on the ground.

They may be spiral, symmetrical or random meanderings. Early Christian churches feature labyrinthine patterns as a representation of human life, with the centre symbolizing salvation. In medieval Christianity, walking the labyrinth was a form of symbolic pilgrimage: religious rituals were conducted on the patterned floors of great cathedrals such as Chartres and Amiens.

London Underground are installing a labyrinth in every station to commemorate their th year. The series of black-and-white enamel plaques has been designed by Turner-winning artist Mark Wallinger.

Each one is unique but they are all circular, and have a single starting point. The first ones were put up today and by summer they will all be in place. Well, we each have our own spiritual journey…. If you like this post, Comment and Share using the buttons below.

Visit my FaceBook Page and find me on Twitter. Follow me to get occasional updates by e-mail about new posts. Plough Monday traditionally marked the end of the midwinter festivities.

But in medieval England, it was an excuse for agricultural labourers to make money at a hard time of year. Ploughmen were meant to report early for duty at the start of the new planting season.

This echoes the characters typically found in modern pantomimes. Participants dressed in motley costumes and blackened their faces with soot. This disguise protected them from repercussions when they ploughed up the front garden of any householder who declined to contribute. The Plough Monday customs declined in the 19 th century but have been revived in the 20 th , though they are now usually held on a Saturday — ensuring that participants can report for work on time!

Good luck with those New Year Resolutions! Have you written your Christmas cards? Made some mince pies? Put up the tree? On these cold winter days, we need a festival to feel good about life.

Our midwinter customs go back a long way…. Christmas really began in the fourth century, when Christianity became the official religion of Rome. People were already decorating their houses with evergreens, feasting and exchanging small gifts.

Now they could carry on carousing in a suitably Christian spirit. Many of our traditions have Norse or Teutonic origins. Viking children got midwinter presents from Father Odin, riding on his eight-legged horse. Cart wheels and spinning-wheels were ceremonially bound to prevent use. The Yule log was hauled in from the woods on the solstice — around Christmas Eve — and kept burning for the next twelve days. Christians decorate their houses to welcome the holy infant. Evergreen branches symbolize his promise of eternal life.

The fir tree with gifts was introduced to Britain by Prince Albert after he married Queen Victoria in Pine wreaths on the door are another Germanic custom, circles symbolizing eternity. Holly was used by the Saxons in their sun-return festivals. Its twining tendrils are a symbol of lasting love.

It was venerated by the druids, who believed it was seeded by lightning: these pagan associations exclude it from church decorations. Candles on Christmas Eve guide the Holy Family towards shelter. They recall Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, which is celebrated around this time of year. Midnight chimes were once a protective noise to drive away bad spirits. Carols Latin choraula , a flute-player were originally circle dances accompanied by singing: St Francis of Assisi introduced joyous hymns and set up the first Nativity crib in AD.

Nowadays children attend a Christingle service, carrying an orange representing the world , tied with a red ribbon blood of Christ , decorated with a candle and sweets. We prepare seasonal food: sugared and spiced to mask the taste of stored ingredients. Each country has its own specialities. Round biscuits, puddings and pies recall the shape of the sun; the blue brandy-flames around a plum pudding recall the ancient solstice festival.

Cards at Christmas are a good tradition, albeit a relatively new one. They only date from Victorian times — after all, they presume a postal service and high literacy rates. The first commercial Christmas cards were produced in they were condemned by temperance enthusiasts because they showed a family drinking wine.

Christmas cards perform a very different function from e-mail or Facebook: each envelope is a small gift, representing a quantifiable investment of writing time and money. Of course, card etiquette is fraught with difficulty.

Is a hand-written note preferable to a round-robin letter? How many years should you continue sending if there is no reply? Why do people always send you a card the year when you finally cross them off your list?

What does my choice of charitable cause say about me? That leaves just one important question. Is Santa Claus Real? Click on the link to find out! According to numerology, it might really have a secret significance. The first numbers were just mnemonic symbols to record trade transactions The Story of Writing. We use a decimal system, but how many digits do we really need?

Some Australian Aboriginal tribes only have words for one, two and many. The super-computers that control our space program just use the numerals 0 and 1 off and on. But numbers are more than a mere tool for calculation: they are the product of sign and sound, and have esoteric meanings. The mathematician Fibonacci brought it to Europe around AD, along with the rest of the Arabic numerals.

It represents duality and hence potentially complementarity. In stories, twins or brothers represent different aspects of the same character. In China, the number 2 is considered lucky. At New Year, bright-coloured oranges are given in pairs. It combines the numerals of 1 divinity with 2 humanity. Three represents the trinity of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. Time itself is divided into the past, present and future.

The Hindu triumvirate of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva embody creation, preservation and destruction. Most human societies have a tripartite division warrior-lords, priest-scholars and producers. Three is an auspicious number: third time lucky, as the storytellers remind us. The number 4 therefore represents the world and earthly existence.

In Western tradition there are four winds, four seasons and four elements. Four is especially significant in Native American myth and symbolism. It is the sum of the first even and odd numbers, symbolizing the unity of male plus female, and the median of the first nine digits. For Muslims, there are five hours of prayer and five ritual elements of the hajj pilgrimage.

In Hindi tradition this represents the lingam penetrating the yoni, or the union of masculine and feminine. In the West it became the Seal of Solomon Star of David , showing the human combination of flesh with spirit.

Six embodies the balance of good and evil in manifest creation. There are seven days of the week; seven planets; seven branches on the shamanic tree. Our lives go in seven-year cycles, and there are seven ages of man. Greek Demeter wandered the earth for nine days searching for Persephone. Norse Odin hung on the World Tree for nine days in search of wisdom.

There were nine steps leading up to the Chinese Imperial Throne. According to Dante, there are nine celestial spheres and correspondingly nine circles of hell. These are often shown conjoined by the World Tree, with Heaven in the branches and the Underworld amongst the roots. The number twelve is significant in many traditions.

There are twelve seats on Mount Olympus; Jesus has twelve disciples; there are twelve signs of the zodiac, and twelve months in the solar calendar year. Numerology perceives meaning in quantitative symbols. Plato considered it the basis of cosmic and inward harmony; Pythagoras viewed it as fundamental to understanding cosmic rhythms.

The Chinese saw it as the key to harmonizing their Empire with the Laws of Heaven. Nowadays we see digits as having pragmatic rather than predictive powers. But zero is useful if you have a positional system of counting. Take a number like you need to indicate that there is nothing in the tens and hundreds columns. A simple dash is easily confused, especially with a double gap. It began to be seen as a number in India during C5AD. The number is thought by some to be unlucky, because of its pagan connotations: witches are said to meet in covens of thirteen, by the light of the moon.

The Wicca movement has reclaimed thirteen as the number of the Divine Feminine. Visit my Author Page for more posts and pictures. Good folk need protective rituals to keep their houses safe from harm. In Celtic times, late autumn marked the feast of Samhain. The end of the year was celebrated with a great fire festival. At this time the veil between the worlds was thin, and ghosts walked the earth. Rituals were needed to protect the living from the dangers of the spirit world.

Most of our modern customs date from traditional Celtic ceremonies. Bonfires were lit to combat the forces of darkness. Turnip lanterns were whittled into fearsome faces to scare away evil spirits: no ghost would enter if they thought a fiercer fiend already lived within. Scottish settlers took this custom to America, where they found orange pumpkins much easier to carve.

Apples are an ancient fertility symbol, ripening in autumn but keeping well until the season of renewal. Their pentagramic cross-section is an esoteric symbol of wisdom, as recalled in the Bible story. They can be dipped in honey, showing the sweetness of life — or more conveniently coated in toffee. Wyrd is an old Celtic concept reflecting the interconnected nature of everything in this world. It includes ideas of ecology, fate and karma Sanskrit and Celtic traditions are fundamentally related.

Witches are wise women, of course: herbalists, healers and midwives. They incurred the wrath of the medieval church, which cared more for saving souls than healing bodies. Henceforth witches were seen as evil crones who commanded supernatural powers due to a pact with the devil. Her companion is a cat, associated with the pagan mother goddess. Her broom combines a phallic shaft with bristly bush, a blatant fertility symbol.

Her cauldron recalls the regenerative cauldron of life. Non-celebrants often criticize it as a combination of threats and gluttony. The real time for trouble is Mischief Night. On 30 th October, Yorkshire lads and lasses traditionally delivered the tricks without the treats. Anyone with a grudge would exploit it ruthlessly.

Doors would be daubed, carts thrown in the village pond, and much worse. Which would you choose to celebrate?? Visit my Author Page for more posts and pictures; follow me on Twitter janebaileybain. If you enjoyed this post, use the buttons to Share on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon. In the old days, the braves were always fighting. Summertime, and the living was easy: what else was there for a boy to do? Quite a lot, actually. The Iroquois tribes who controlled lands along the Atlantic coast were renowned as hunters and warriors.

This constant warfare was getting in the way of growing food. Their women told them to stop, but the braves refused to listen. Tribe fought with tribe, villages raided other villages, and even between families there were arguments.

Fear and hatred reigned in the land and nobody was safe. Something needed to be done, so the people would not go hungry. Amongst these warring tribes, he was held to be the best fighter in the land. But Haio Hwa Tha was also revered by his people as a wise man. One summer day a Huron shaman named Deganawida arrived at his longhouse, seeking an audience. This was most unusual, and the tribe gathered together to hear him speak. Haio Hwa Tha proposed that the tribes should unite in a peaceful federation, with a council of delegates and regular meetings for shared ceremonies.

The Confederacy had been going strong for at least fifty years when the Pilgrim Fathers arrived in The newcomers were impressed with this democratic system of government: popular history credits it with influencing the American Constitution. He evoked a traditional way of life where man lived in close harmony with the natural environment. Follow Jane on Twitter janebaileybain. Lughnasa 1st August marks the beginning of harvest-time and the ripening of the first crops.

In Irish mythology, the festival takes its name from Lugh, the god of light. Lugh proclaimed the festival in honour of his foster-mother, Tailtiu, who died of exhaustion after clearing the forests of Ireland so that the land could be cultivated. Tailtiu was a corn goddess, her role comparable to Demeter, Gaia or Mother Earth.

Her funeral games became part of the ritual calendar of the Celts. The Tailteann Fair was a time for thanksgiving and celebration. Peace was declared throughout the land, so families and friends could travel to be together. Fighting and feuds were replaced by contests of strength and skill. Lughnasa was a favoured time for handfastings, trial marriages that lasted a year and a day before they were finished or formalized. The first corn was made into a loaf and offered to the gods on a high hilltop.

Then the people could relax and celebrate with feasts, bonfires and dancing. The Christian church adopted this summer thanksgiving, calling it Lammas loaf-mass. A newly-baked loaf of bread is placed on the altar in gratitude for the harvest.

In modern Ireland, people still have parties to celebrate Lughnasa. In the USA, where many Irish immigrants settled during the s, August was a time for family reunions. Later generations have moved Lughnasa get-togethers to coincide with the Fourth of July celebrations. In Irish Gaelic, Lunasa is simply the name for August. In fact, there were no fires apart from those needed for cooking and light. The festival is properly associated with water and earth, the attributes of a corn goddess.

Lugh is shown here with a spear and sling. The one where you set out on a journey, and meet a wise man, and fight a dragon to gain treasure?

Luckily monsters come in different sizes: you tend to get the adventure for which you are prepared. It works like this…. Hercules Herakles in Greek was a golden boy.

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Bailey Jane | Duncraig, Western Australia, Australia | Teacher at Department of Education, Western Australia | 6 connections | View Bailey's homepage.bailey jane View Jane Bailey's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Jane Bailey discover. Character profile for Bailey Jane. Wild Joy [Bailey, Jane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wild Joy.

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We had amazing discussions every single class. Left the last lecture in tears after doing karaoke and sharing artwork for class. Made my law school experience that much better. Could not recommend more. Inspirational Amazing lectures. Apr 4th, She is amazing! I feel like I wouldn't of understood contracts if it wasn't for her.

I highly recommend taking a class with her. She is also very accessible outside of class. She gives me hope in law school and is an inspirational person. Respected Inspirational Clear grading criteria. Jan 18th, Professor Bailey is able to take a dull subject like contracts and transform it into magic. She explains concepts clearly and concisely.

The Socratic method is intimidating, but it keeps you prepared for class. The exam was exactly as described with no surprises. She is very approachable after class and in office hours.

Dec 18th, Excellent professor. She explains concepts clearly and in a logical order, and her evaluations are very fair. If you go to class and take good notes, the final exam will be easy.

She's also very approachable in her office hours. Highly recommend! Dec 16th, Prof Bailey was absolutely incredible! She brings real life commercial litigation experience into class, and really takes the time to ensure that students understand the content. She is clear with what she expects of students on the exam and you will feel very prepared! Jun 7th, This prof is so clear that I could make a flowchart in my mind of all the material just by going to her lecture though you should still read.

She really wants students to understand so she often reminds what we have covered so far so you can see the big picture and fit it all together. May 21st, Attendance: Mandatory. Amazing lecturer. Incredibly engaging teaching style. There for students. Provides excellent feedback. Has tendency to have a quiet temper with some students. Sometimes doesn't reply to emails at all if they do not suit her. A bit temperamental. Jan 24th, A great professors.

She calls out students because the material is heavy and its important to keep up with the readings. However, she is kind and understanding if you did not read or do not know the answer.

She does not use PowerPoint so be prepared to keep up with her. Exam reviews are essential. You can get an A! Choose her class if you can. Jun 25th, Uses Socratic method. Be prepared for no slides and fast note taking. Do the readings. She was really helpful and kind when I met with her in office hours. Definitely not my best grade, but learned a lot and I blame that on myself. Jun 24th, Bailey is wonderful. She started each class with a quick recap of the previous lecture to make sure we had a firm grasp on the material before moving on.

She puts the unprepared on the spot but she's fair and extremely helpful if you go see her with any issues. Jul 3rd, Does Dr. Jane Bailey, MD offer telehealth services? Bailey has not yet indicated whether they offer telehealth services. How can I make an appointment with Dr. Jane Bailey, MD? Find contact information here to make an appointment. Bailey's Top Procedures and Conditions. Accepted insurance can change. Please double-check when making an appointment. Accepting new patients. Show Phone Number.

Click to Call. Overview Ratings Compare Dr. Learn more. View More Providers Like This. Bailey's Reviews Likelihood to recommend Dr. Bailey 4. Leave a review How was your experience with Dr. Overall Patient Satisfaction 10 responses. About Me Biography Dr.

She graduated from University Read more. Specialties Ophthalmology. Frequently Asked Questions. Healthgrades does not collect malpractice claims information for Minnesota. No disciplinary actions found for the years we collect data. No board actions found for the years we collect data.

Professor Jane Bailey

See more of bailey-jane's VSCO. [email protected] I was particularly attracted to Blanchards Bailey as the company's ethos and values align with my own.   bailey jane Dress: Bailey by Jane Hill Color: Ivory Size: Contact Kinsley James Discount: 30% Off. The latest Tweets from Supt. Jane Bailey (@JaneBaileyWMP). Criminal Justice Services, Force lead for Drugs. Proud to serve. Do not use twitter to report. useless_usagi onlyfans 'LifeWorks' by Jane Bailey Bain helps you to develop your own story. Visit Jane's Author Page and follow her on Twitter @janebaileybain. If you like this post. JANE HILL · HOME; STOCKISTS. AUSTRALIA · USA & CANADA · UK & EUROPE. COLLECTIONS. MUSE SS21 · CALI DREAMING SS20 · MOROCCAN ROSE SS19 · ADORE 21'.

"Towards an Equality-Enhancing Conception of Privacy" by Jane Bailey

Sampler of embroidered woollen canvas with coloured silks, embroidered by Jane Bailey, England, Biography. Jane Bailey has been an adjunct instructor for Public Speaking and Human Communication classes at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  bailey jane Petite, pequeno, piccolo, pieni. However you say it, these delicate frames are designed for those with smaller faces, drawing inspiration from the classic. English Explorer 4: Workbook with Audio CD (Mixed media product / Mixed Media, Contains 1 Paperback / softback and 1 CD-ROM). By Bailey, Jane.

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Bailey to publish book club mystery with Orion. Orion Fiction has landed a new novel from Jane Bailey, a dark reading group mystery called Sorry Isn't Good. Mad Joy by Bailey Jane from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!  bailey jane Jane Bailey, Actress: Four Blood Moons. Jane Bailey is an actress, known for Four Blood Moons () and Optimum Wifi Hotspot Commercial (). Bailey · February Kit | Bailey · Bailey | Pinkish Puffy Alphabet Stickers · Traveler's Notebook Insert | Bailey Heart · Bailey | Felt Hearts · Bailey | Chipboard. 

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Jane Bailey Memorial Garden. Sponsored by The Thompson Family Foundation. Established in , this beloved neighborhood garden has provided shade. Listen to Bailey Jane Schofield | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.  bailey jane I am a Full Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa where I conduct research and teach about the intersections of law, technology and. David Bailey Jane Birkin,  pictures of daisies bailey jane pictures. Local Business. • portrait photographer • memory collector • mother

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Followers, Following, 48 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Bailey Jane (@gieldaprzemyslowa.plal).  Just added to your cart

Incredibly engaging teaching style. There for students. Provides excellent feedback. Has tendency to have a quiet temper with some students. Sometimes doesn't reply to emails at all if they do not suit her. A bit temperamental. Jan 24th, A great professors. She calls out students because the material is heavy and its important to keep up with the readings. However, she is kind and understanding if you did not read or do not know the answer.

She does not use PowerPoint so be prepared to keep up with her. Exam reviews are essential. You can get an A! Choose her class if you can. Jun 25th, Uses Socratic method. Be prepared for no slides and fast note taking.

Do the readings. She was really helpful and kind when I met with her in office hours. Definitely not my best grade, but learned a lot and I blame that on myself. Jun 24th, Bailey is wonderful. She started each class with a quick recap of the previous lecture to make sure we had a firm grasp on the material before moving on.

She puts the unprepared on the spot but she's fair and extremely helpful if you go see her with any issues. Jul 3rd, Excellent lecturer, although she does the Socrates method and doesn't use powerpoint slides at all. Be prepared to type fast. Luckily, she's also extremely friendly and helpful so do not hesitate to ask for help. She's also very clear as to what she expects on the exams. Would highly recommend. May 13th, DO take Professor Bailey's contracts. She does teach socratic, but I promise you that as scary as that can be, you will not learn contracts more clearly from any other professor.

She is a joy outside of class, and an inspiration in class. Feb 16th, Textbook: Yes. Bailey's pedagogy is fantastic. She is articulate, witty and fun. She's always available to answer questions and has a kind and elegant manner that I highly respect. I would definitely recommend her for Contracts! Jun 29th, Found her teaching method super helpful. She is very clear and repeats concepts and lessons to the point where I'd know it by heart.

Would recommend her for first year Contracts. Feb 15th, Bailey uses real examples, anecdotes and stories to augment learning, exams are tough but fair and your are challenged, but in a good way. A profe. Jan 31st, Classes are great, she is clear and concise and she has a great sense of humour. However, her exams are difficult.

Jun 17th, Excellent professor! Her exams were long and stressful this year but with absolutely no surprises or ambiguities.

If you're prepared and actually study the material she teaches, you will not have any issues. Don't expect this much care and attention from any other contracts profs. Jun 3rd, Professor Bailey is great at explaining concepts and is very a good teacher, however her marking is ridiculous.

She makes you write 3 hr exams in 2 hrs and then docks you 5 marks for each issue you miss. Class wrote a petition protesting the weighting of exams. Jane Bailey is an Associate Professor in the Common Law Section English , who teaches cyberfeminism, technoprudence, contracts and civil procedure.

Her research focuses on the impact of evolving technology on equality, privacy, freedom of expression and multiculturalism, as well as the societal and cultural impact of the Internet and emerging forms of private technological control, particularly in relation to members of socially disadvantaged communities.

She has spoken, written and published on a variety of topics, including:. Her current research is focused on online self-exposure by girls and young women including sexting and cyberbullying , online harassment and hate, privacy and equality concerns arising from surveillance, and access to justice.

Jane Bailey CV August She was a co-recipient of the Howland Prize for outstanding performance in the LL. She served as a law clerk to the Honourable Mr. Before coming to the Faculty of Law, Professor Bailey practised law in Toronto with Torys, where she was an associate in the litigation department.

Her litigation experience included acting on matters relating to unlawful search of political protesters, and she assisted as co-counsel on the first Internet hate speech case to come before a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Contact the University. Jump to Main Content Jump to Navigation. Login uoZone Brightspace VirtuO.

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Jane Bailey is a Full Professor in the Common Law Section (English), who teaches cyberfeminism, technoprudence, contracts and civil procedure.